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Companion wanted to revamp their busines lunch program to create something that would stand out in a crowded marketplace. In developing our solution, we thought about that experience – the awkward silences, people staring at their food and phones, challenged by the prospect of having a light, social experience between business talk.

Enter the Gathering Sack – lunch AND conversation packaged neatly in a beautiful little bag. Each sack includes a random Question Tag tied to the handle. Queries range from reflective to silly and help break the ice with a neighbor or the whole group.

To further promote the concept of community, we also created the Share Piece, a small slice on the end of each sandwich that can be slide to a meeting mate so they can try something different.

In addition to the Gathering Sack, we developed a comprehensive menu and tagging system to help Companion employees with accuracy when fulfilling orders. We also created print and web advertising, as well as on-premise marketing for the cafés to promote the new program. This included posters, table tents and ceiling danglers.

(2008-2015 Branding)